Live Recording at Dazzle July 18 with Cimp Records

The Teresa Carroll Band Recording Live with CIMP Records

at Dazzle July 18th

Two shows at 7 & 9pm $10 cover
Teresa Carroll – Vocals
John Gunther – Tenor Sax
Doug Roche – Piano
Ron Bland – Bass
Todd Reid – Drums

Dazzle Jazz Club
930 Lincoln Street
Denver, Co. 80203

We will be performing original musicand lyrics by the late
composer, lyricist and saxophonist, Marvin Blackman.

CIMP records is coming out from New York to record us live, this will be a great experience for audiophiles and jazz purists alike. CIMP records to two track, so there will be no adjusting of pitches, reverb, or compressed air. Our band will be mixed directly and so we will not be using loud speakers or amplification! We hope that you will join us for this intimate and unique once in a life time experience.

Food and drinks from the menu
Reservations: 303-839-5100 (tel:303-839-5100)

Please make your reservations early.

“CIMP … has almost instantly become the leading North American label of its kind. With clean, unprocessed live to two-track engineering

CIMP’s catalog is already brimming with the type of personnel connections between releases common to great labels…” Bill Shoemaker, JazzTimes

“Most impressive, perhaps, is the sound quality. … they all have wonderful sound.”“…supreme recording… puts that of the major labels to shame.”  “hi-fi stunners…”  “If jazz has been rocking in its cradle of compression & EQ-edhomogeneity too long, CIMP’s turn to recorded truth is just the bucket of iced water the somnolent form requires.” Ben Watson, HiFi News & Record Review

“Taking the credo of the legendary … imprint ESP Disk (‘The artists alone decide what you will hear’) one step further, CIMP packages bear aclear mission statement: ‘What you hear is exactly what was played.’ The label means it. The sessions are recorded live to digital twotrack, with zero processing effects and no editing …  authentic performances with a vast dynamic range.”    Sam Prestianni, Jazziz